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Improv Classes

Yes, And with us! No Experience Necessary.

Ready to jump into an improv comedy class? Yes, and... now here is what you can expect from each of the classes we offer. It's not just for those looking to get into comedy, improv can benefit everyone by improving  your communication skills, creativity, speaking in public and listening.  

Rich Talarico is a Peabody® Award winner who boasts four Emmy® nominations, as well as four Writers Guild Award noms. Rich is a distinguished writer/producer known for his significant contributions to Key & Peele. Rich wrote K&P favorites Substitute Teacher, Racist Zombies, Karim and Jahar, Hatz, Teaching Center, Obama Greets, Black Ice and many more.


Rich wrote and produced on some of the biggest comedy shows in late-night; MADtv, The Tonight Show w. Jay Leno, Saturday Night Live, and the critically acclaimed, Review. Rich is an alum of Chicago's Second City and has appeared in featured roles on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, MADtv, the feature film High Fidelity and A&W Root Beer's classic TV ad, "Mr. Dumass.” Talarico’s extensive experience in the comedy industry has made him a sought-after teacher, writer and consultant. — more at


Initiations & Gifting: Improv 2 

January 27   |  10:00 am

Ages 17+: 
Improvisers, have you ever completed a scene and said, “Great scene, who were we?” Or, “Great scene, where were we?” Often players will focus so much on the WHAT that they neglect discovering WHO and WHERE early on. By tending to the WHO and WHERE at the outset, players can discover organic games (WHATS) and can set themselves up for stronger/longer scenes.

Get Out of Your Head - Right Brain Improv

November 19   |  10:00 am

Ages 17+: 
When an improviser says “I was in my head up there…” They really mean they were in their LEFT brain on stage. And, what we want is to be in our RIGHT brain when we are improvising. Thinking v. Emotion. Discovery v. Invention. This evening of exercises will get players to focus on present-tense moment-to-moment engagement, playing from their strong emotional core. Students will also learn techniques on gift giving and playing in POV.



Every Month!

Open Improv Jam

Rated PG13:  This Jam is for all skill levels: from old hands who want some stage time to people who have never heard of improv AND everyone in between. Participate as much or as little as you like in a low-pressure, high-acceptance environment. It’s gonna be a good time! Ages 16 to 116.



Don't Take Our Word For It


This is my second improv class with Matt and Kim. I took the first class because I was new to Huntsville and wanted a space to be spontaneous and relaxed. I continue to come because I am inspired by the mission of Shenanigans. I truly believe in making arts more accessible to all.


I took this class because of my interest in comedy and live performance. It has helped my confidence in working with clients, helped me to be much less self-conscious, and I have met a great group of friends!


Matt and Kim teach in a flexible manner and are invested in nourishing talent even in those who aren't convinced they have it. I've gone through three class sets and they've helped me gain more stage confidence for stand-up comedy performance and professional presentations.


Matt and Kim do a good job with the class. It helps too that the students and the staff are nice too.

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