Yes And with us!

Take an Improv Class - No Experience Necessary 

Ready to jump into an improv comedy class? Yes, and... now here is what you can expect from each of the classes we offer. It's not just for those looking to get into comedy, improv can benefit everyone by improving  your communication skills, creativity, speaking in public and listening.  

Youth Improv Class

Recommended for ages 12 - 16: The class will help students become more comfortable interacting with others and be more comfortable on stage. Spaces are limited, so get yours today!

Classes will be held each Thursday from August 25 - September 22 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm. 

Beginner Class

Our beginner class is for ages 16+ and ready for anyone ready to get out of their comfort zone. You will spend six weeks on Sunday afternoon and classes are two hours long. 

Students do not need to prepare anything, but should come dressed to move. To complete the level and move on to our more advanced class, students must attend our beginner class or have had prior improv training.

Intermediate Class

This class is for those who have either completed at least level 1 improv class with Shenanigans OR anyone who has had prior improv training (evidence of this may be required). Students will spend six weeks on Sunday afternoon working on creating strong scenes, relationships, and object work. Classes are two hours long.

Students in each class will have the opportunity at the end of the session to perform in their very own show and put their skills on display! 

Open Improv Jam

Rated PG13:  This Jam is for all skill levels: from old hands who want some stage time to people who have never heard of improv AND everyone in between. Participate as much or as little as you like in a low-pressure, high-acceptance environment. It’s gonna be a good time! Ages 16 to 116.



Don't Take Our Word For It


This is my second improv class with Matt and Kim. I took the first class because I was new to Huntsville and wanted a space to be spontaneous and relaxed. I continue to come because I am inspired by the mission of Shenanigans. I truly believe in making arts more accessible to all.


I took this class because of my interest in comedy and live performance. It has helped my confidence in working with clients, helped me to be much less self-conscious, and I have met a great group of friends!


Matt and Kim teach in a flexible manner and are invested in nourishing talent even in those who aren't convinced they have it. I've gone through three class sets and they've helped me gain more stage confidence for stand-up comedy performance and professional presentations.


Matt and Kim do a good job with the class. It helps too that the students and the staff are nice too.